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Everyone needs to save a dollar or two these days...

Welcome to Dream Street Properties, LLC, a Flat Fee MLS Service for Atlanta and Most of Georgia.

Your Real Estate Flat Fee MLS Listing Solution.

Our web site is designed to give you all of our terms and conditions with straight talk and no surprises.

We do not use any misleading advertising, confusing company names, or signage and Realtor.com sites for excessive company promotion.

The focus is on saving you money while selling your home. We are a new and innovative way to market and sell your house and SAVE you money with our True Flat Fee Listing service.

We provide you all of the tools to successfully sell your house and save money at the same time. We are here to walk you through the process of selling.

We have programs for all home sellers from the savvy FSBO, home investor, builder, bank or government fore-closer, Short Sale or anyone who wants to save on the sale of their home.

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