Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Seller acknowledges and agrees that ALL sales are final!  Dream Street Properties LLC completes its obligation by entering your properties data into the Georgia Metro Listing Service (GAMLS) and First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS)for the base fee of $399.00.
  2. Seller acknowledges and agrees that a .25% of the sales price fee is due if the property is sold.  This fee provides email support for contract review and/ or provides a contract form if you sell your property yourself. ( This does not apply to Rental or Short Sales )
  3. Dream Street Properties LLC will strive to make sure that the contract and all paperwork is complete and in compliance with The Georgia Real Estate Commission.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACCURACY OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS THAT YOU HAVE AGREED TO to include but not limited to: the forms you have completed and the contractual documents provided to Dream Street Properties LLC.
  4. Seller agrees to promptly supply all documents related to the sale of your property and further agrees to provide to Dream Street Properties LLC a fully executed contract and the HUD-1 Settlement within 5 days of closing.
  5. Seller agrees to provide Dream Street Properties LLC the name and phone number of the closing attorney at least 10 prior to closing.
  6. Dream Street Properties LLC is a “Transaction Broker” only in this transaction.  A Transaction Brokerage relationship is one in which a real estate broker or brokers assists both parties in a real estate transaction but does not enter into a client relationship with, nor represents either party.  In a transaction brokerage relationship, the broker treats both parties as customers and can only perform ministerial acts for either party including the following: Identifying property, providing real estate statistics and information, providing pre printed real estate contract forms, acting as a scribe in the preparation for the contract forms, locating relevant professionals, such as architects, engineers, surveyors, inspectors, lenders, insurance agents and attorneys, identifying facilities like schools, shopping centers or places of worship.
  7. Seller agrees to hold Dream Street Properties LLC harmless of any liability in connection with said real estate transaction whether in part or in full to any party of the transaction, at any time, presently, or future for any reason whatsoever.
  8. Seller agrees that any photos or images submitted by the seller to Dream Street Properties LLC  for upload to MLS data base or to be used in marketing of said property shall not contain in part, or in full, any material copyrighted as intellectual property owned by a third party unless seller has written permission or license to use said photos or images from said third party. Dream Street Properties LLC by receipt of said images shall not have any liability for the use of the aforementioned certified by the Seller.
  9. Seller agrees to describe the property as accurately and truthfully as possible as to the properties current state and agrees to not make any exaggerated or false claims as to property condition or features. This may include but is not limited to: any major insurance claims; presence or treatment of termite or rodent infestation; lead base paint if built prior to 1978; past water damage or presence of mold;  any flooding issues; presence of radon or any other health or safety hazard.
  10. Seller agrees to abide by all Federally Mandated Federal Fair Housing Laws and agree to non discrimination of any kind to include but not limited to Race, Color, National Origin, Creed, Religion, Marital Status, Disabilities, Sexual Orientation, Age (unless a minor) at any time.
  11. Seller agrees to return all forms and documents via PDF to Dream Street Properties LLC within 72 hrs of request from Dream Street Properties LLC .
  12. Seller hereby verifies and certifies that he/she is the legal owner of the property and has all legal rights to enter into contractual agreements concerned with said property.  If he/she is not the sole or joint legal owner of the property then seller agrees to provide to Dream Street Properties LLC written and notarized POA or Executor assigned per an Estate Will as directed by local jurisdictions to act as such on behalf of an incapacitated person or persons or deceased person.
  13. Seller acknowledges and agrees that if Dream Street Properties LLC finds any misrepresentation of the property or any violation of any fair housing laws, Georgia Real Estate Commission laws or any or local laws affecting the marketing and sale of this property,Dream Street Properties LLC  has the right to withdraw this listing and the seller NOT entitled to any refund.

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